No Pants Records Debut EP Muerte en Fuego From Stolen Rose & The #WeekendWarrior2017 Tour

October 24, 2017

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April 25, 2017

  HERE WE GO, so if you missed me I'm sorry we've been Kickin' Some Ass and I have finally been able to start putting it together and catch you all up.  First up our HARD WORK & SMOKIN' TUNES finally caught the attention of NO PANTS RECORDS 

 ( ) owner MATT DANGER after doing a No Pants Records Showcase last summer and asking Matt Danger to help with a few out of state tour dates as well as a couple other awesome shows, he announced just before midnight on Dec 31st 2016 that "STOLEN ROSE is officially ON THE NO PANTS RECORDS ROSTER."

  Now after that it was time to spread some tunes starting with our first show of the year & our first show at one of Portland's premiere rock venues, DANTES where we joined THE VERNER PANTONS , &  

 SAVAGE FAMILY BAND for a benefit show to raise money for the water protectors standing against the DAPL. Although it was right in the middle of SNOWPOCALYPSE over 100 people showed up and not only paid (donated) at the door but also b...

May 29, 2016

     WELCOME BACK TO #TheBlogOfSaint #BOS in this edition we'll keep it short & sweet, I'm gonna review Shotski's in Salem, our upcoming show with M69'S & WHY STOLEN ROSE IS GOING TO JAIL!



    FIRST THINGS FIRST, last Saturday night we went back down to Salem our state capital, this time we went to SHOTSKI'S 1230 state st. and played one of Salems' NEWEST & POSSIBLY KOOLEST STAGE. 



This wicked pizza joint by day serving up the tastiest pies around is also one of the HOTTEST NEW SPOTS FOR A NIGHT OUT IN SALEM, it's 21 and over after 9 pm & with events like an 80's murder mystery dinner theater night, karaoke, comedy and of course LIVE MUSIC on a 4 ft high stage that's just MADE FOR ROCKIN' SHOWS this place has a lot to offer.  We had a killer time, a great show and wanna thank everyone who came out to support us, we will be setting up some super line-up shows here without a doubt so make sure you sign up for our mail...

May 12, 2016


  WELCOME BACK READERS, to #BOS #TheBlogOfSaint, I've been away for a few months so we can work on and put together THIS WICKED NEW SITE but more on that later.  Let me catch you up on what's been GOING ON so far. First we started off the year in our Capitol City, Salem, down at DUFFY'S HANGAR with local favorites SERVE THE SERVANTS & outta Eugene Newcomers FORTUNE'S FOLLY as usual it was a KICK ASS night of STYLISTIC ROCK.  It was our first time playing with these bands and both us  & the crowd were not disappointed as everyone ROCKED THE WALLS.


  Next up was MY BIRTHDAY SHOW @ The Cider Mill Lounge, This time we invited fresh to the Northwest 3 TO BREATHE who was one of our favorite bands we played with in 2015.  We kicked off the night rockin' the house with a MASSIVE hour and a half set and then spent the rest of the night partyin' and listening to our friends 3 To Breathe  who have a heavy TOOL like sound but are with out a doubt ORIGINAL & Bad Ass.  Ne...

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