No Pants Records Debut EP Muerte en Fuego From Stolen Rose & The #WeekendWarrior2017 Tour

October 24, 2017

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October 24, 2017

   WELCOME BACK.!  It's been a minute and I would APOLOGIZE but the reason I've been to busy to add to #BOS #TheBlogOfSaint is we have been Kickin' Ass & Layin' Tracks down at Backline Records for our DEBUT EP on No Pants Records, 'Muerte en Fuego'.

    At MIDNIGHT on Jan 1st 2017 Matt Danger, Owner of No Pants Records dropped The Bomb & announced he was taking on Stolen Rose as the newest act on his roster. Not only were we honored but it was the next layer on this snowball that has been building up over the last few years. We jumped right into the studio in mid April (let's just call it on 4/20 ) and met Patrick Brewer the owner and NINJA engineer at Backline Studios and IT WAS FIRE AT FIRST SOUND!


We spent 3 days laying down our tracks and realizing we WANTED MORE, we called our Permanent Special Guest FREIGHT TRAIN DAVE to add some of that DIRTY MISSISSIPPI MUD HARP on 3 of the songs, the opening 2 tracks SHOULDER TO DIE ON & SWALLOW ME as well as the Title...

April 25, 2017

  HERE WE GO, so if you missed me I'm sorry we've been Kickin' Some Ass and I have finally been able to start putting it together and catch you all up.  First up our HARD WORK & SMOKIN' TUNES finally caught the attention of NO PANTS RECORDS 

 ( ) owner MATT DANGER after doing a No Pants Records Showcase last summer and asking Matt Danger to help with a few out of state tour dates as well as a couple other awesome shows, he announced just before midnight on Dec 31st 2016 that "STOLEN ROSE is officially ON THE NO PANTS RECORDS ROSTER."

  Now after that it was time to spread some tunes starting with our first show of the year & our first show at one of Portland's premiere rock venues, DANTES where we joined THE VERNER PANTONS , &  

 SAVAGE FAMILY BAND for a benefit show to raise money for the water protectors standing against the DAPL. Although it was right in the middle of SNOWPOCALYPSE over 100 people showed up and not only paid (donated) at the door but also b...

December 31, 2016

I guess it's been a while since I wrote down, the low down and caught you up on all things STOLEN ROSE. Since I wanted to squeeze one last #BOS in I'm gonna keep it short (probably not).

We had an incredible last 6 months after the Oregon State Penitentiary Show we started the festival season at Feckin Irish Brewing for KICKIN OF THE FECKIN SUMMER where we did a rare ALMOST Acoustic set and played with an awesome line-up that included SHANE BROWN, THE VON HOWLERS, and LUCAS BIESPIEL & THE DANGEROUS GENTLEMEN a few other bands that lit the fuse for what was next,

THE 2016 OREGON BREWERS FESTIVAL at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. This was our 3rd time playing this gigantic annual festival that brings together two of my favorite things MUSIC & CRAFT BEER, on the day we played we got to share the stage with SKERIK'S BANDALERA and an INSANE FUNK band from Canada called

FIVE ALARM FUNK that I suggest you check out.

Also on that list of bands to check out was who we played with next. It was our firs...

May 29, 2016

     WELCOME BACK TO #TheBlogOfSaint #BOS in this edition we'll keep it short & sweet, I'm gonna review Shotski's in Salem, our upcoming show with M69'S & WHY STOLEN ROSE IS GOING TO JAIL!



    FIRST THINGS FIRST, last Saturday night we went back down to Salem our state capital, this time we went to SHOTSKI'S 1230 state st. and played one of Salems' NEWEST & POSSIBLY KOOLEST STAGE. 



This wicked pizza joint by day serving up the tastiest pies around is also one of the HOTTEST NEW SPOTS FOR A NIGHT OUT IN SALEM, it's 21 and over after 9 pm & with events like an 80's murder mystery dinner theater night, karaoke, comedy and of course LIVE MUSIC on a 4 ft high stage that's just MADE FOR ROCKIN' SHOWS this place has a lot to offer.  We had a killer time, a great show and wanna thank everyone who came out to support us, we will be setting up some super line-up shows here without a doubt so make sure you sign up for our mail...

May 12, 2016


  WELCOME BACK READERS, to #BOS #TheBlogOfSaint, I've been away for a few months so we can work on and put together THIS WICKED NEW SITE but more on that later.  Let me catch you up on what's been GOING ON so far. First we started off the year in our Capitol City, Salem, down at DUFFY'S HANGAR with local favorites SERVE THE SERVANTS & outta Eugene Newcomers FORTUNE'S FOLLY as usual it was a KICK ASS night of STYLISTIC ROCK.  It was our first time playing with these bands and both us  & the crowd were not disappointed as everyone ROCKED THE WALLS.


  Next up was MY BIRTHDAY SHOW @ The Cider Mill Lounge, This time we invited fresh to the Northwest 3 TO BREATHE who was one of our favorite bands we played with in 2015.  We kicked off the night rockin' the house with a MASSIVE hour and a half set and then spent the rest of the night partyin' and listening to our friends 3 To Breathe  who have a heavy TOOL like sound but are with out a doubt ORIGINAL & Bad Ass.  Ne...

December 31, 2015

WELCOME BACK TO #BOS #TheBlogOfSaint & THE ROSE IN REVIEW. WELL HELL... I'LL JUST SAY IT. 2015 STARTED OUT WITH A LOT OF QUESTIONS. For starters... Was our drummer gonna get ON THE BUS OR OFF? He said OFF. How long would the SEARCH for a new drummer take? FORTUNATELY it only took 1 call. Thankfully ANDY STARR picked up. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE to work up all the material to TOURING LEVEL? Well if you made it out to one of our MANY GIGS THIS YEAR around the Pacific Northwest you know IT WAS INSTANT CHEMISTRY!  

          FROM THERE IT ONLY GOT BETTER, and we were ready for it. We had already welcomed
AXE SLINGER NATHAN MYERS. He started playing with us soon after recording his tracks (as a special guest) and
 solidified his status AS A MEMBER before the album would be released. ANOTHER special guest from the new album, Harmonica Madman FREIGHT TRAIN DAVE, had such a good time in the studio with us. When we asked him to j...

October 2, 2015

         LET'S TALK MUSIC, MARIJUANA, & GIGS. First off THE CONTINUING SAGA OF THE SINGLES!  WE HAVE LAYED DRUM TRACKS DOWN on our SINGLES SESSIONS and with that comes a LIL STORY. As I said I want to include YOU ALL in the PROCESS OF RECORDING and so, our MASTER OF THUNDER Mr. Andy "WHIPLASH" Starr started off the PROCESS by setting up the DRUMS in the LIVING ROOM OF THE STOLEN ROSE COMPOUND.  Now sure this is not the most IDEAL SET UP but it has a QUALITY about it, the room itself is about 15' x12' with a fairly short ceiling 8' and of course we have a couch and various SPEAKER STACKS and a few other utility objects like tv/stereo stands that happen to be positioned in a fairly ACOUSTIC manner, like in corners and on the sides of the drums to help deflect and reflect. Having said that I don't want you to think I am some genius acoustic engineer, but I GOT EARS OF GOLD or at least of SILVER and a few years of running sound here and there in venues and locations SOME NOT NECESSARILY SU...

September 9, 2015

           WAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM! The Ship Tavern & Renners Grill Presents Village-Palooza was a great way to end OUR SUMMER Festival Season. With an evening of ORIGINAL ROCK AND POP PUNK that capped off a day of music and art at MULTNOMAH DAYS in the eclectic SW neighborhood of Multnomah Village. As some of you may know we lived and still play in and around THE VILLAGE and always love being asked to ROCK OUR SW PDX HOOD this time it was with Rockers CherryBomb13, POP PUNK newcomers WNBA JAMS, Eclectic/I DON"T KNOW WHAT BUT I FUCKIN LIKED IT Punk Rock Stylings of  'BAG  OF CATS and our friends DISASTEROID who, as usual, brought that old school FUGAZI/MISFITS style of PUNK that WE LOVE and ALWAYS ENJOY playing along side of so look for upcoming shows with those BAD ASS SOM BITCHES! THEN IT WAS OUR TURN & WE LAID DOWN ONE HELL OF A SET from our current opener PLOWED into BUMP AND GRIND and SWALLOW ME to the THUNDERING finish of ACE OF SPADES, MASSACRE and SHOULDER TO DIE ON not to menti...

July 9, 2015

            WHAT A WAY TO KICK OFF OUR FESTIVAL SEASON! Not only did we have the BEST TIME AT THE 1st ANNUAL WILLAPA BAY MUSIC FESTIVAL but we got to ROCK THE STAGE with some of the Pacific Northwests' Best & found our SPIRIT HOME! To start off with, WILLAPALOOZA WAS AMAZING, the line-up was STACKED & PACKED there was WILD BILL(we'll get back to them) and Local Boys HELSTING & KINGS OF OLD kicking off the day with some High Energy Head Banging Sets, then due to some crazy traffic on this beautiful Washington peninsula OUR FEARLESS LEADER and PRODUCER of the show MR. WARREN COWELL made some quick calls and after a short ACOUSTIC SET BY OMAR (from WILD BILL) the touring bands made it through & direct from Chicago LEVER hit the stage although they were from the east they sounded like they were bred in the North West. Next up SUNDRIES (Seattle-featuring 2 member from Thunderpussy) this outfit was TIGHT and had that KICK ASS NW SOUND with INSTANT HITS and for sure a band we will be booking...

July 1, 2015

           OH BABY OH BABY OH BABY!  "It is all happening"-Penny Lane, (Almost Famous) Yeah that is how it feels, We have been working our asses off to finish this album and it has finally come to fruition. Now that all the parts have made a whole we are PUSHING IT HARD! So first off we want to THANK EVERYONE who came out, as well as our awesome FRIENDS  & FAMILY who help US put it together and throw it down at THE CIDER MILL for the CD RELEASE PARTY OF 'RISE'. We absolutely love you all!

           What an incredible turnout and BLOW OUT SHOW, we felt ALL THE LOVE & HAD AS MUCH FUN AS YOU did,if you couldn't make it NO WORRIES you can go and  ORDER RIGHT NOW & RIGHT HERE the CD DIGIPAK  of 'RISE' with instant MP3 download for those of us who NEED TO FEEL IT & want instant gratification also ADD A T-SHIRT OR TANK TOP (available 7/10/15) for only $20 saving you 20% (which is roughly shipping for anywh...

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