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LET'S TALK MUSIC, MARIJUANA, & GIGS. First off THE CONTINUING SAGA OF THE SINGLES! WE HAVE LAYED DRUM TRACKS DOWN on our SINGLES SESSIONS and with that comes a LIL STORY. As I said I want to include YOU ALL in the PROCESS OF RECORDING and so, our MASTER OF THUNDER Mr. Andy "WHIPLASH" Starr started off the PROCESS by setting up the DRUMS in the LIVING ROOM OF THE STOLEN ROSE COMPOUND. Now sure this is not the most IDEAL SET UP but it has a QUALITY about it, the room itself is about 15' x12' with a fairly short ceiling 8' and of course we have a couch and various SPEAKER STACKS and a few other utility objects like tv/stereo stands that happen to be positioned in a fairly ACOUSTIC manner, like in corners and on the sides of the drums to help deflect and reflect. Having said that I don't want you to think I am some genius acoustic engineer, but I GOT EARS OF GOLD or at least of SILVER and a few years of running sound here and there in venues and locations SOME NOT NECESSARILY SUITED FOR MUSIC BUT MOST WERE SWEET ASS STAGES & VENUES, so none the less I CAN FIND THE SWEET SPOT. After setting the drums and MICS which for now happen to be a set of borrowed (mid level) drum mics from our friends from DISASTEROID & a couple of our own, then an hour or 2 of EQing them appropriately we started off by trying just a straight CLICK TRACK TAKE which means JUST Andy and a metronome. Now as AWESOME AS 'WHIPLASH' IS and as well as he knew 'DIE BY FIRE' it was still lacking a lil LIVE DRIVE, so PENNY AND I plugged STRAIGHT IN (which means we were not amplified) and PLAYED/RECORDED a SCRATCH TRACK along side ANDY. After a couple takes we CAPTURED what WILL BE the CORNER STONE and FOUNDATION of the NEXT GENERATION OF STOLEN ROSE.

The capture really was FANTASTIC and I think because Penny and I where playin' LIVE at the time it will contribute to THE OVERALL MAGIC OF THE SOUND! NEXT UP IS ME, and I will be honest because I LOVE MY BAND I've spent more time making them sound good then myself but because we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER I know they will be the ears for me that I am for them and so although as of this post I have yet to pick a room or if I'm gonna try recording the bass in the backyard (so as not to pick up rattles and buzzes of an old house) I can tell you this, WE ARE GONNA BRING YOU A FEELING IN YOUR EARHOLES THAT CANNOT BE DENIED! STAY TUNED FOR MORE OF THE EPIC SAGA OF THE SINGLES COLLECTION, but for now it's time to tell you about WHATS COMIN' UP, first we are bringing our GOOD FRIENDS 'DISASTEROID' to support us on OCT.9th at The CiderMill which will be the first of many SHARED NIGHTS at THE MILL including HALLOWEEN! When we plan to bring 2-3 other INCREDIBLE BANDS for THE SAMHAIN FESTIVAL OF THE SOU'WEST. Of course as of now we are keeping those details under wraps but not to worry just MAKE PLANS to spend it WITH US and TRUST YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Now WHAT IS UP for the rest of the year, well like I said, more from THE SAGA OF THE SINGLES, multiple shows IN AND AROUND the CAPITOL CITY (Salem), as well as setting up shows DOWN THE WEST COAST and a couple EAST OF HERE SHOWS so if your READY FOR THE ROSE LET US KNOW and we will try to get to a venue near you. Speaking of, SUPPORT OUR CAUSE by heading on over to THE MERCH PAGE and PURCHASING A CD+DOWNLOAD OF OUR NEW ALBUM 'RISE' or the "Name Your Price" THE BLUE E.P/Demo, Pick up a TEE SHIRT or TANK TOP all your SUPPORT helps us get a lil FURTHER DOWN THE ROAD and ON TIL'TOMORROW! NOW PACK THAT SHIT, SMOKE THAT SHIT, CAUSE I GOT 5 ON IT!

On OCT 1st here in OREGON if you want to BUY SOME RIGHTEOUS WEED all you gotta do is walk into your local DISPENSARY (or at least those 200+ who know whats up) with or WITHOUT a MEDICAL PERMIT and throw down that HARD EARNED DOUGH and pick up some of that STICKY ICKY. Now I'm hoping this will be ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL towards the understanding of what a TRULY MEDICINAL AND WORLD WIDE SAVIOR THE CANNABIS PLANT IS AND END IT'S PROHIBITION 100% but the reality is it will be just another moment in history that is written in pencil. There are still legitimate farmers, dispensaries, and marijuana entrepreneurs in States that have VOTED TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA & HEMP that are getting legally HARASSED on a regular basis and this is JUST UNACCEPTABLE. I LIVE IN AMERICA and with that comes some GODDAMN PRIVILEGES including the RIGHT TO LET STATES GOVERN THEMSELVES. FACT: MARIJUANA HAS MEDICINAL VALUES which makes it subject to FULL RECLASSIFICATION ON A FEDERAL LEVEL! FACT; HEMP CAN DO EVERYTHING WE USE OIL,COTTON, TIMBER AND SOY FOR not to mention like i said the fact that the 10th Amendment states "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Now that means in the states where we VOTED THAT MARIJUANA/HEMP IS LEGAL TO USE AND POSSESS AND GROW AND PRODUCE PRODUCTS FROM THEM there should be NO FURTHER ARGUMENT OR PROSECUTION!


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