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"It's All Happening!"

OH BABY OH BABY OH BABY! "It is all happening"-Penny Lane, (Almost Famous) Yeah that is how it feels, We have been working our asses off to finish this album and it has finally come to fruition. Now that all the parts have made a whole we are PUSHING IT HARD! So first off we want to THANK EVERYONE who came out, as well as our awesome FRIENDS & FAMILY who help US put it together and throw it down at THE CIDER MILL for the CD RELEASE PARTY OF 'RISE'. We absolutely love you all!

What an incredible turnout and BLOW OUT SHOW, we felt ALL THE LOVE & HAD AS MUCH FUN AS YOU did,if you couldn't make it NO WORRIES you can go and ORDER RIGHT NOW & RIGHT HERE the CD DIGIPAK of 'RISE' with instant MP3 download for those of us who NEED TO FEEL IT & want instant gratification also ADD A T-SHIRT OR TANK TOP (available 7/10/15) for only $20 saving you 20% (which is roughly shipping for anywhere in the U.S.) now if you are ONE of our INTERNATIONAL FANS please be patient as we find THE BEST POSSIBLE shipping rates for MERCH. For now you CAN GET THE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD w/ART AND LYRIC FILES for only $5.99.

WHAT'S NEXT, well for those on the Oregon/Washington coast we will be headlining THE 1ST ANNUAL WILLAPA MUSIC FESTIVAL on FRI July 3rd alongside NINJAS WITH SYRINGES, MASZER, & THUNDERPUSSY also on the bill will be LEVER, SUNDRIES, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., & Local Favs HELSTING, KINGS OF OLD, AND WILD BILL (click the SHOWS tab above) this will be A WICKED 1 DAY FESTIVAL at THE CLAM SHACK located in Nahcotta Wa. and not only are we looking forward to this EVENT but also setting up future shows at this UNIQUE VENUE on THE WILLAPA BAY. Coming up after that is CIDER MILL on FRI July17 and MULTNOMAH DAYS AUG 15 at THE SHIP with DISASTEROID and as you may have heard WE ARE LOOKING TOWARD THE FUTURE.

That's right WE ARE PUTTING OUT THE CALL we are contacting and planing to get to a city near you as well as PUTTING TOGETHER SOME BIG LOCAL SHOWS with good friends old and new, now before I leave you I just want to remind you ALL OF THE MONEY RAISED BY SALES of the CD & SHIRTS goes directly into MAKING IT HAPPEN so BUY LOCAL TO MAKE US GLOBAL, and leave us a comment here or email us if you have or are the contact for a venue and we will get back to you and set up a date.


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