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WAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM! The Ship Tavern & Renners Grill Presents Village-Palooza was a great way to end OUR SUMMER Festival Season. With an evening of ORIGINAL ROCK AND POP PUNK that capped off a day of music and art at MULTNOMAH DAYS in the eclectic SW neighborhood of Multnomah Village. As some of you may know we lived and still play in and around THE VILLAGE and always love being asked to ROCK OUR SW PDX HOOD this time it was with Rockers CherryBomb13, POP PUNK newcomers WNBA JAMS, Eclectic/I DON"T KNOW WHAT BUT I FUCKIN LIKED IT Punk Rock Stylings of 'BAG OF CATS and our friends DISASTEROID who, as usual, brought that old school FUGAZI/MISFITS style of PUNK that WE LOVE and ALWAYS ENJOY playing along side of so look for upcoming shows with those BAD ASS SOM BITCHES! THEN IT WAS OUR TURN & WE LAID DOWN ONE HELL OF A SET from our current opener PLOWED into BUMP AND GRIND and SWALLOW ME to the THUNDERING finish of ACE OF SPADES, MASSACRE and SHOULDER TO DIE ON not to mention the crowd DEMANDING AN ENCORE so we pulled out our WICKED VERSION of The Rolling Stones NO EXPECTATIONS and then DROPPED THE MIC so YES this was one FINALE' for SUMMER 2015! NOW WHATS NEXT, well coming up we have A NIGHT OF STOLEN ROSE at The Cider Mill ON SAT, SEPT 19th that will be A BLOWOUT OF 3 SETS of 100% Hot N' Nasty Rock THE ONLY WAY WE KNOW HOW and will be THE LAST ROSE ONLY SHOW at The Mill for awhile as Upcoming shows WILL INCLUDE SPECIAL GUESTS that will be among our FAVORITE bands that we have been honored to share the stage with. NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! We are once again dusting off the MICS and will be RECORDING. This time we are gonna record a SERIES OF SINGLES straight OUTTA THE ROSE compound and have decided to just have some fun and use the tools at our disposal or at least the tools we OWN and whatever we can borrow from our friends and release most of the songs as they are mastered. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? It means I'm gonna let you all in on the process well at least the more interesting parts, well interesting to some I hope anyway, the things like what kind of mics we are using and how and why and what hurdles that come along, what each member prefers to drink or listen to or generally prep to record their part. I don't know for sure, I'm gonna play it by ear as far as that goes and please COMMENT BELOW if there's something specific you would like to know and I will include it and if you want to remain anonymous let me know. .

SO KEEP CHECKING BACK & SIGN UP ON OUR E-MAIL LIST so that way we'll let you know when there's new content up, as well as discount specials for E-MAIL LIST MEMBERS ONLY on MERCH. SPEAKING OF MERCH... head on over to the MERCH Store for those NEW LOGO SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE in both Men's Tees' and WOMAN'S Tank Tops. We are down to the LAST FEW OG limited edition first run CD COVER tees', so get one before they're gone. Now don't worry. We are just changing the layout to match THE OFFICIAL RISE CD COVER fonts plus I got a lil PROJECT I've been working on with a friend for a new shirt design THAT WILL GO VIRAL! Keep your eyes out for it as it may be a short run... We'll see. Well, I think that's all for now so WE'LL SEE YA AT THE MILL. UNTIL THEN KEEP ROCKIN' THE ROSE & SHARING US WITH YOUR FRIENDS,



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