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The Rose, The Relaunch, & The Release


WELCOME BACK READERS, to #BOS #TheBlogOfSaint, I've been away for a few months so we can work on and put together THIS WICKED NEW SITE but more on that later. Let me catch you up on what's been GOING ON so far. First we started off the year in our Capitol City, Salem, down at DUFFY'S HANGAR with local favorites SERVE THE SERVANTS & outta Eugene Newcomers FORTUNE'S FOLLY as usual it was a KICK ASS night of STYLISTIC ROCK. It was our first time playing with these bands and both us & the crowd were not disappointed as everyone ROCKED THE WALLS.

Next up was MY BIRTHDAY SHOW @ The Cider Mill Lounge, This time we invited fresh to the Northwest 3 TO BREATHE who was one of our favorite bands we played with in 2015. We kicked off the night rockin' the house with a MASSIVE hour and a half set and then spent the rest of the night partyin' and listening to our friends 3 To Breathe who have a heavy TOOL like sound but are with out a doubt ORIGINAL & Bad Ass. Next we CELEBRATED THE THE DAY OF OUR HOLY HOPS, ST. PATRICK'S DAY.

If you made it out to this one you actually WOULD REMEMBER IT the next day, usually when we play as a FOURSOME it's sans FreightTrain Dave this time it was Nathan who couldn't make it as he had the death bug that went around, so not only did the songs take on a new flavor but FreightTrain just killed it on songs he doesn't usually play on covering those lead lines.

Finally before I move on to whats coming up, our last show was April Fools Day, we checked out a new spot called The Tardis Room in NE PDX and brought our NO FUCKIN AROUND SET, as we were on the bill with a Metal Militia Line-Up that included UNRULY INSTINCT (Vancouver Wa.), ALTUS (Camas,Wa) , & MORBID FACINATION (Salem,Or.). This pub/restaurant that has recently started booking Live Music may be small but it has style and the owner & staff are very friendly and we are looking forward to playing in the larger outdoor area out back this summer. Make sure you look for and SUPPORT all the aforementioned bands and venues as well as all the ARTISTS we get the pleasure of playing with remember "For the price of a Starbucks Grande' you to can pay the door charge for up to 4 bands a night,"


Well obviously if your reading this you have hopefully LOOKED AROUND AT OUR NEW SITE. It was just about a YEAR AGO (late June) we did a CD ONLY release of 'RISE" along with the LAUNCH of STOLENROSE.COM, we SPREAD THE WORD OF STOLEN ROSE through the year with some amazing shows and released a bunch of new t-shirts to boot so make sure to stop by the SHOP to see 'em ALL and grab your CD with that INCREDIBLE ARTWORK (poster available soon) also, so now in 2016 we thought it was time to once again step up and re-think what we wanted as far as a ONE STOP ONLINE PRESENCE.

We made sure to include our Social Network Feeds, the SHOP for all our merchandise & songs, a Site Wide player so you can LISTEN while YOU LOOK at Photos or watch our latest VIDEO offering. Now I'm sure a few things might change over the next few weeks as we get your feedback so make sure to send us your thoughts through the CONTACT US section. We'll be adding a comment section for your here soon on #BOS #TheBlogOfSaint which you can use to ask questions, suggest topics you would like our/my opinion on and generally a place to just say HIGH!


NOW AVAILABLE WORLD WIDE on all music platforms is or album 'RISE'. "That's Right, you heard Right, the SECRET word to SEARCH for Tonight is RISE!" You can now find us on Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio, etc. and don't forget to request us on your favorite online station and if they don't have it let 'em know where to find us.

To KICK OFF all this AWESOMENESS we'll be BLOWIN THE ROOF OFF The Cider MIll on Friday The 13th, and THEN on Sat May 21st in Salem at SHOTSKI'S both shows are 3 sets of what we do best from 9 pm- mid so gather the crew and show your love. Coming up after that we have some very special shows lining up that I'll tell you about next time but just know we are planning a Summer of SMOKIN'SHOWS.



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