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No Pants Records Debut EP Muerte en Fuego From Stolen Rose & The #WeekendWarrior2017 Tour

WELCOME BACK.! It's been a minute and I would APOLOGIZE but the reason I've been to busy to add to #BOS #TheBlogOfSaint is we have been Kickin' Ass & Layin' Tracks down at Backline Records for our DEBUT EP on No Pants Records, 'Muerte en Fuego'.

At MIDNIGHT on Jan 1st 2017 Matt Danger, Owner of No Pants Records dropped The Bomb & announced he was taking on Stolen Rose as the newest act on his roster. Not only were we honored but it was the next layer on this snowball that has been building up over the last few years. We jumped right into the studio in mid April (let's just call it on 4/20 ) and met Patrick Brewer the owner and NINJA engineer at Backline Studios and IT WAS FIRE AT FIRST SOUND!

We spent 3 days laying down our tracks and realizing we WANTED MORE, we called our Permanent Special Guest FREIGHT TRAIN DAVE to add some of that DIRTY MISSISSIPPI MUD HARP on 3 of the songs, the opening 2 tracks SHOULDER TO DIE ON & SWALLOW ME as well as the Title Track (sort of) DIE BY FIRE. We also asked Pat to throw us a bone and add some flavor to EASTER CANDY and thankfully he obliged. With that done we decided that STAY WITH ME should stay clean and just as you would hear it LIVE., and there it is after a few recording sessions and a dozen mixing and mastering sessions we were ready to REALIZE this project in its entirety.

With the help of our label owner and the creative minds of myself and Andy we went to work on the artwork and layout. Now if you have never put together something for public consumption it may be hard to imagine but we started with one idea and it morphed into this INCREDIBLE AND BEAUTIFUL CD, with the ART & MUSIC on lock down we were readty to RELEASE OUR FIRST LABEL BACKED EP.

Now let me go back a bit, while we where getting ready to enter the studio and during the sessions we continued to throw down some KICK ASS SHOWS including the halfway camp for The Gambler 500 at Hoodoo Lodge in Sisters OR.,

Our return to Montana were we opened for the Amazing SISTA OTIS in Great Falls as well as joining some great friends, TIME TO KILL in Missoula & 2 nights supporting our label mates THE GHOST TOWN REBELLION on their tour of the Pacific Northwest , & Bad Ass Mofos The Brass, a stop at our FAVORITE PLACE The Clam Shack & a KICK ASS new stage here in PDX The Hawthorne Hideaway. Not to mention a residency at a killer venue The Rosebud Cafe in Scappoose were you can catch us throwing down a full 3 set Night of originals mixed in with some of our eclectic covers that started in Aug and has been monthly ending this Nov. 10th and starting back up in 2018.

So here we are, at the back end of what we have been gracefully calling our #WeekendWarriorTour2017 and about to play The Annual No Pants Records Halloween show which will be FOR THE LAST TIME held at The Ash Street Saloon before it closes it's doors at the end of the year. Our EP Muerte en Fuego is currently being released on all digital platforms and should be available to stream or download EVERYWHERE over the next few weeks, so all that's left is an epic CD RELEASE PARTY so while that gets planned we have some fun shows we hope to see all you ROCKERS at and a couple more SURPRISES to plan, so until next time,


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