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I guess it's been a while since I wrote down, the low down and caught you up on all things STOLEN ROSE. Since I wanted to squeeze one last #BOS in I'm gonna keep it short (probably not).

We had an incredible last 6 months after the Oregon State Penitentiary Show we started the festival season at Feckin Irish Brewing for KICKIN OF THE FECKIN SUMMER where we did a rare ALMOST Acoustic set and played with an awesome line-up that included SHANE BROWN, THE VON HOWLERS, and LUCAS BIESPIEL & THE DANGEROUS GENTLEMEN a few other bands that lit the fuse for what was next,

THE 2016 OREGON BREWERS FESTIVAL at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. This was our 3rd time playing this gigantic annual festival that brings together two of my favorite things MUSIC & CRAFT BEER, on the day we played we got to share the stage with SKERIK'S BANDALERA and an INSANE FUNK band from Canada called

FIVE ALARM FUNK that I suggest you check out.

Also on that list of bands to check out was who we played with next. It was our first McMenamin's White Eagle and our first NO PANTS RECORDS Showcase were we tore up the stage with Bass guitar duo THE ORNERY and Power Trio CAPTAIN WAILS AND THE HARPOONS. Next up we hit the road starting down south a lil for DALLAS SOUNDS OF SUMMER and Nathans last show (details redacted due to way too much drama) but the show went off without a hitch WE KICKED ASS AS USUAL and continued on to Montana were we "MELTED FACES" at The Darkhorse in Missoula and The Back Alley in Great Falls with SAWYER FAMILY and are looking forward to returning next summer, then finally returned home for a Night at Slim's with THE STEIN PROJECT a short but fun tour.

Although Autumn wasn't jammed with shows they were LEGENDARY! We played the No Pants Records Halloween show at Ash Street with THE SHOESTRINGERS, STAY UP, and THROW which just blew the roof off the place.

Then a very talented friend of ours (Iriel Blaque) that we met at our favorite show last year, WILLAPALOOZA MUSIC FESTIVAL, came thru town with the band that picked her up on tour, Motorhead Music recording artists, THE BARB WIRE DOLLS and we joined US WAGE SLAVES at The Raven (formerly Tonic Lounge) in helping them at the beginning of their U.S. Tour. Everyone killed and we had a blast catching up with Iriel and meeting the dolls who are just awesome cats who just SHRED. We wish them all the best on their continued success and can't wait for them to return to the pacific northwest.

WELL HERE WE ARE it's the end of the year and almost everything we set out to do we did. 2017 holds all kinds of awesome shit for us we are planning to do more short tours and of course as many festivals as we can, also look for a couple live releases from the prison show and the brewers festival and hopefully some new studio singles all of which is not possible without your support, your LIKES, your PLAYS, YOUR ENERGY AT THE SHOWS so before we say goodbye WE WANT TO THANK YOU! Come out as we bring our friends to The Cider Mill for No Pants Records New Years Eve Party with MATT DANGER, CAPTAIN WAILS AND THE HARPOONS, and STOLEN FUCKIN ROSE!

Let's Change The World In 2017

Cheers, The Saint

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