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Gig Talk, Radio Show Review, Merch, & Stolen Harmonicas

Hey RoseBUDS Welcome Back. Well FIRST THINGS FIRST Can't wait to HIT the MALIBU'S (Vancouver,WA) STAGE on FRIDAY MARCH 27th, we'll be CLOSING THE SHOW for our ASS KICKIN' friends RECKER and new friends S4S (Searching 4 Sanity) this SHOW is BOUND to go down in the CHRONICles as "THAT ONE NIGHT AT MALIBU'S!" this show will be HARD DRIVIN' BOOTY SHAKIN' ORIGINAL ROCK from 3 SMOKIN' bands. If you don't know Recker you will, their hooking up shows with Y&T as well as Quiet Riot and although I don't know the S4S crew yet what I've heard on REVERBNATION has us also playing with them not only this friday but with SCAR AFTER SCAR on Saturday APRIL 18th ALSO at MALIBU'S when we OPEN the show.

Next up ANARCHY RADIO on, so we got invited to visit the House Of Sound Studio and hang out with Jason (The Bald Guy), Mark, & Vanna from the ANARCHY RADIO SHOW on Thursday nights 8pm-mid PST we were featured on the SPOTLIGHT ON LOCAL MUSIC part of the show, where we debuted 6 of the songs on the soon to be released 'RISE". The crew was kool and the interview was more funny than informative but a good time was had by all I'm downloading it now so hopefully I'll be able to edit it to just our portion of the show and get it up here linked to this blog if not it'll get it up on the site somewhere in the next couple days so make sure to give it a listen if you missed it.

WE want to THANK YOU ALL for coming out to THE CIDER MILL we had a BLAST PLAYING for you ALL NIGHT and really loved hearing from NEW FANS & VETERAN FANS about the NEW SONGS & LINE-UP we have been pushing hard to bring you THE BEST MUSICAL EXPERIENCE yet. As some of you may have heard our boy FREIGHT TRAIN DAVE had his car broken into and his HARPS STOLEN but THANKS TO YOU we RAISED enough dough in TEE-SHIRT sales that night to get him back on the stage so they are on order and hopefully will arrive in time for friday but YOU WILL see him BACK up onstage with us in APRIL

FINALLY I wanted to put in a SHAMELESS PLUG for our new MERCH SHOP were you can help SUPPORT STOLEN ROSE by ordering up a LIMITED EDITION RUN TEE-SHIRT go and check 'em out & ORDER ONE, we are working on TANKS and GIRLIE TEES' soon to be available but for now we CAN DO ANY SIZE & SHIP ANYWHERE for the tees' PLUS in the merch shop DOWNLOAD the single -BUMP N GRIND- RIGHT NOW before the album comes out. I just want to remind you WE R DIY so every time you BUY something HERE ON THE SITE it all goes to FURTHER OUR JOURNEY and will get US TO A VENUE NEAR YOU SOON! MAY ALL YOUR SMOKE BE KIND, ROCK ON! - THE SAINT

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